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Friends, since IGTV has come on Instagram, the popularity of Instagram reels views has increased and from today onwards every Instagram user wants to be popular on their reels videos.

But if seen, to become popular on Instagram reels, first, you have to bring views on it, then due to which the reels video will be viral, the popularity of reels video will increase.

But it is not just for the Instagram user to bring views on Instagram reels so that he can increase the popularity of his videos by bringing views on his reels videos.

But in this article, for Instagram users like you, I have brought an Android app using which you can get your Instagram reels views for free.

The Android app I am going to tell you about if you want to increase your Instagram reels views by using that app, then for that, you must have a fake Instagram account after which you will be able to use it.

We have explained further why you should have a fake Instagram account using this app so that you can increase your Instagram reels views for free.

How to Get Instagram Reels Views Free Using Android App?

As you must be aware that how difficult it is to get views on such Instagram reel videos, new Instagram users find it very difficult to get views on their reel videos.

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But if the Android app I am telling you about, if you use it properly, then you can get Instagram reels views for free because it is designed by a third party.

In this way, you are made in such a way that by using the API of Instagram, then by analyzing the data, Instagram increases the reels views for free.

This app is not available in the google play store because google does not promote such an app but you don’t need to panic, it will keep your Instagram account safe.

But there is no need to worry because you can download this app from our website for free and by using it you will be able to increase your Instagram reels views for free.

Now let’s talk about why you should have a fake Instagram account to increase your Instagram reels views using this Android app because to use this you have to log in with an Instagram account first.

As you would know that every social media platform has some terms and conditions violating which the account can be suspended or banned.

Similarly, this Instagram is also a social media platform, whose term and condition is that if you grow your Instagram account using any third-party platform, then the Instagram account may be temporarily or permanently disabled.

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That’s why I am asking you to use a fake Instagram account to use this app so that your reel Instagram account is safe.

Because after logging into this app, to increase Instagram reels views, you have to enter Instagram reels video URL, at which time you will use your real account’s reels video.

Benefits of increasing Instagram reels views using the Android app.

Being an Instagram user, you must know how difficult it is to get such Instagram reels views, for this, you have to share it in different places and then get some views.

But if this Android Instagram growing app is used then you can easily increase your Instagram reels views for free 1000 because with the help of this app Instagram reels views are increased for free.

Some of the benefits of using this Android Instagram growing app are as follows.

  • By using this you can get free 1000 views on your Instagram reels video on your Instagram account in a very short time.
  • It is safe to use this app because there is an option to log in with a fake Instagram account, and then the views are increased by entering the reels video URL.
  • By using this app to increase Instagram reels views, the popularity of the Instagram account can be increased.
  • By using this Android app to increase Instagram reel views, the video can also go viral because Instagram makes those videos viral which gets more views.
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GramTakipci App Details & Requirements.

Application NameGramTakipci App
Size20 MB
CategorySocial Media
FormatAPK File
Star Rating
Scan ReportNo Malware Report
Offered byThird-Party

How to Increase Instagram Reels Views from GramTakipci App?

To increase your Instagram reel views using this Android Instagram growing app, you need to download and install the app on your smartphone.

To download Instagram Growing App, click on the Generate Download Link button given below and wait for 15 seconds then Download Now! Click on the button.

Download Now!

After that using you to increase your Instagram reel views follow Step by Step by looking at the picture below.

1. First, enter the fake account username and password then click on the Giris yap button.

Instagram Login

2. Next, click on the View icon.


3. Then, enter the Reels Video URL and click on the GONDERiYi BUL button.

4. Lastly, enter the Reels Views count number and click on the GONDERiMi BASLAT button.


The app I have told you about is an Android app of a website, whose article is already available on this website, click here to read.

This GramTakipci website is becoming very popular because its search is close to 1 lakh in a day, which is being liked by the people.

There are many other Android apps and websites using which to increase Instagram reels views for free, scroll through our page to know about them all.

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